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Minecraft Is the Most Addictive Game, Study Says

A study stats that Minecraft is the most addictive game out there now. The study compared other popular games and it followed gamers and how they act. The WHO (World Health Organization) had declared video game addiction a disease. This can help more researchers discover what it really is. Also notable, Gen Z is affected the most. Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Worst Place to Land in Fortnite Arena

The Fortnite map is very big. Competitive players need to know where to land if they do not want to go to a popular spot on the map. Competitive players need to know the best places to land and the worst.

Here is the worst place to land in Fortnite arena.

It's the Lighthouse.

The Lighthouse is a landmark on the top of the island close to Pleasant Park. It has a constantly spinning beacon. Not many people land here for a reason

What Is Bad About the Lighthouse?

The Lighthouse has almost no loot with a lot of stair to climb. It takes a while to get to the top of the lighthouse, you climb a giant flight of stairs. There is almost no loot on the way, only a little floor loot and barely any chests. The loot is really bad. Also, once you get to the top, you have to go down again. It is also really far from the zone.

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