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Minecraft Is the Most Addictive Game, Study Says

A study stats that Minecraft is the most addictive game out there now. The study compared other popular games and it followed gamers and how they act. The WHO (World Health Organization) had declared video game addiction a disease. This can help more researchers discover what it really is. Also notable, Gen Z is affected the most. Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Minecraft Earth Best Mob Named by Community

Minecraft Earth, a much awaited game, was released last year. Starting on January 6th, Minecraft Earth Twitter held a vote for the best mob in the game.

                                                                       Round 1

Round 1 was between the Cluckshroom and the Jumbo Rabbit. Between these, Cluckshroom won 55% to 45%. 

Round 2

Round 2 was between the Clucksroom (from round 1) and the limited-time, much loved, Jolly Llama. Cluckshroom somehow came on top 51% to 49%. That was close!

Round 3

Round 3 was between the Moobloom and the rare Muddy Pig. The Muddy Pig crushed the Moobloom 58% to 42%. 

Round 4

The final round was between the two winners, the Muddy Pig and the Cluckshroom!

Drumroll please...

The Muddy Pig won! 55% to 45%!

We now have learned that the Muddy Pig is the most loved mob in Minecraft Earth!

Who did you vote for? Leave your answer in the comments below!


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